Black College Championships has appointed Kelvin Carter to the selection committee which is responsible for selecting the top eight teams for the Black College World Series scheduled for May 10-15, 2022, Riverwalk Stadium, Montgomery, Alabama. Carter will assist the committee in selecting the best teams that will compete for a national title among Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) small school baseball programs. Carter will assist with the committee members that will lead up to final selections.

Carter is a native of Meridian, MS and a Graduate of Alcorn State University, Lindenwood University (Masters), and Webster University (EDS). For the past 23 years, Kelvin has been an influencer in Workforce Development and Team Building as a Professional Educator and Athletic coach. Currently he serves as a Stride Career Learning Program Manager. Kelvin has cultivated multiple relationships with higher educational institutions as well industry partners to provide the students of the Saint Louis Metro Area and beyond with access to educational real and relevant educational options. Kelvin is also instrumental in connecting underserved populations to Historically Black Colleges and University (HBCUs) either through academics and/or athletics.