POMPANO BEACH, FL – Black College Championships (BCC) executive director Michael Coker today announced that Jerrel Calhoun, who chairs the Black College World Series selection committee, was nominated and approved by the BCC management committee as its Vice-President.

Calhoun, during the 2022 Black College World Series, was the Special Consultant in Montgomery on Strategic Planning from the local Montgomery Chamber of Commerce, Central Alabama Sports Authority, City of Montgomery Mayor’s Office, and the Montgomery County Commission. He is also working with local and county public schools to get middle and high school students to attend the Black College World Series scheduled for this May 10-13, 2023.

Calhoun will occupy a dual role with Black College Championships as the Vice President, Selection Committee Chair, and Administration and Technology.

“Calhoun is well respected and will be an excellent member of the BCC committee” Coker said. “We look forward to the hard work he puts in and his leadership he brings to the table.”

As the chair of the selection committee, Calhoun is responsible for selecting the best eight Historically Black College and University (HBCU) baseball teams to compete for the Black College World Series National Championship among small school Black Colleges from the NCAA Division II, NAIA, and NCCAA.

Under Calhoun’s direction, the committee meets in-person beginning late in the baseball season and produces a ranking of the top field of eight teams leading up to its final selections. The current selection committee members are Jerrel Calhoun (Minority Baseball Prospects), Clifford McAfee (Urban Media Today), Roger Cador (Black College Championships), Trevin Jones (HBCU-Pro Sports Media), Ray Porter Jr (Urban Media Today), and Kelvin Carter (Educator).

Black College Championships welcomes Calhoun in his new role as the Vice-president. He will lead BCC Montgomery advisory committee as the central point in the region with staging the Black College World Series in promoting HBCU baseball.

Calhoun, a native of Montgomery, graduated from Sidney Lanier High School in 2005, played collegiate baseball at Lawson State Community College and Miles College. Calhoun, works with the Alabama State University Athletics Department under Dr. Jason Cabble in operations and equipment since 2018.

In his spare time he coaches high school baseball at Pike Road High School under a great coach named Allen Ponder, training kids in his community and working under the leadership of Alex Wyche of Minority Baseball Prospects. Calhoun also loves spending time with friends and family and enjoying going to and supporting sporting events.

“I would love to thank God, Mr. Coker and the committee for thinking of me to lead in this capacity as this may be a surprise, but I will work very hard to accomplish all that is needed. Furthermore, I thank my family and supporters for motivating and supporting me since this journey began. I am nothing but a vessel for the Lord to continue to give back and help all the kids I can through the game of baseball.”