To ensure that all qualified media agencies and members have the appropriate access, these guidelines and policies have been developed by Black College Championships. Requests for credentials for the Black College World Series shall be directed to the Montgomery Biscuits for each world series game and the national championship game. 

Credential requests will be considered only if they are submitted in writing. Register with us by filling out the form below. Each application request will stand on its own merits. Membership with writers’ or broadcasters’ association does not automatically qualify a media outlet or individual for credentials. 

By applying for a credential, The request must fully understands and agrees with the following professional guidelines and policies: 

  1. Credentials may be issued to working members of the media representing recognized outlets in the business of news gathering. The types of media outlets eligible for credentials include: newspapers, websites, magazines, wire services, collegiate sports publications, television and radio. 
  1. The media primary purpose of the news must demonstrate original coverage of the Black College World Series event on a daily basis. 
  1. Local, Regional, and National news outlets must demonstrate original news content on local sports and/or news, including coverage of any participating institution. 
  1. Credentials will not be issued to representatives whose outlet exists solely as a platform for distributing opinionated content (aggregate news sites, etc.). 
  1. All media outlets must adhere to the guidelines and policies. Credentials are not transferable and may be revoked at any time by the Montgomery Biscuits and Black College Championships acting in its sole discretion. 
  1. Subject to limitations of space, credentials for photos shall be assigned to outlets requiring immediate news coverage from mainstream media. 
  1. Video clips of in-game competition, live or otherwise, posted online or via social media networks are permitted. Photos may be shared online and across social platforms during the game. 
  1. Any non-editorial or commercial use of any picture, audio, film/tape/digital image or drawing of the event is prohibited without prior written request. 
  1. Internet usage in all media areas of Riverwalk Stadium press box, stands, and the field, is for work related purposes only. Media members who do not follow the proper internet procedures may have their credentials and/or internet access revoked for the remainder of the event. 
  1. Media should respect the work environment of their colleagues by maintaining a quiet and professional atmosphere in all working media areas. 

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