How the selection of the best Historically Black College and University (HBCU) baseball teams to compete for the Black College World Series National Championship.

For the selection committee purposes of any eight-team national championship, the process will inevitably need to select the best teams with legitimate claims to participate. 

Proposed Selection Process:

The committee will be instructed to place an emphasis on ranking in winning ball games, Black College Nines poll, winning conference championships, strength of schedule and head‐to‐head competition. If there is a tie‐breaker if one merits such. The committee will apply specific guidelines of an at-large invite. 

The criteria provided to the selection committee to honor regular season success of the eight best HBCU small school teams in the country. Any circumstances that indicate an automatic invite and an at-large invite must be considered and must be incorporated into the selection process. 

The selection committee will choose teams that deserve to be selected. The committee will be led by a Chairperson who will be expected to explain publicly the committee’s decisions.

Some of the guidelines and protocols expected to be established to guide the committee would include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • While it is understood that committee members will take into consideration all kinds of data including polls, wherein initial rankings are established before competition has occurred;

Any polls that are taken into consideration by the selection committee must be completely open and transparent to the public;

  • Committee members cannot be associated with any team under consideration during the selection process will be required to recuse themselves from any deliberations associated with that team.