Pompano Beach, FL – John Winters, PhD is a pioneer among Black college baseball umpires having retired after 27 years as a NCAA Division I umpire and supervisor. Winters has been intimately involved in various aspects of all levels of baseball in event management and gameday management for more than 3 decades.

Winters has for the past three years served as associate professor and faculty advisor for the Department of health, physical education, and recreation at Langston University, OK. after having retired July 2021 as school head of the School of Business and Finance and program coordinator for sport and recreation management at Bacone for 7 years. Dr. Winters has a 46-year career as an educator, a campus recreation administrator, and a gameday/events planning consultant.

Dr. Winters serves Langston, the state of Oklahoma, and in many realms of athletics, sport administration and game management in many fashions. Dr. Winters currently serves the NCAA as one of its Division I Site Supervisor for Baseball Regional and Super Regionals around the nation and previously as an Umpire Evaluator of Big XII Conference baseball and as the first umpire supervisor for the Division II Lone Star Conference. Dr. Winters has also served the NAIA as a game or tournament manager for baseball and basketball conferences, regional, and national tournaments.

He is a widely respected speaker in baseball umpire training programs as well as researcher for college baseball history, especially Black college baseball. Dr. Winters is a research professional on the Black College Pioneers and Legends Committee for the College Baseball Foundation and Hall of Fame. Also, Dr. Winters is currently a member of the Board of Trustees for the College Baseball Foundation.

Dr. Winters was the lead contributor for Jay Sokol’s recent book published in 2022, Black College Nines: The History of HBCU Baseball and Integrators of Historically White College Baseball Programs which most of college baseball views as the most comprehensive history of Black college baseball.

Dr. Winters is the grandson of western Oklahoma sharecroppers w now lives in Stillwater, OK and is a member of the Mt. Zion Baptist Church.